Most Cited (TOP 10) Articles Published in 2015-2016
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A. MAHAR, WANG Ping, LI Rong-Hua, ZHANG Zeng-Qiang. 2015. Immobilization of lead and cadmium in contaminated soil using amendments: A review (Title in Chinese: 利用土壤改良剂固定污染土壤中铅、镉的研究进展). Pedosphere.  25(4): 555--568. View Full Text

WANG Hui, ZHU Jun, FU Qing-Ling, XIONG Jun-Wei, HONG Can, HU Hong-Qing, A. VIOLANTE. 2015. Adsorption of phosphate onto ferrihydrite and ferrihydrite-humic acid complexes (Title in Chinese: 磷酸盐在水铁矿及水铁矿-胡敏酸复合体表面的吸附). Pedosphere.  25(3): 405--414. View Full Text

M. ZAFFAR, LU Sheng-Gao. 2015. Pore size distribution of clayey soils and its correlation with soil organic matter (Title in Chinese: 粘土土壤孔隙大小分布及其与土壤有机质的相关性). Pedosphere.  25(2): 240--249. View Full Text

M. EL-MAHROUKY, A. H. EL-NAGGAR, A. R. USMAN, M. Al-WABEL. 2015. Dynamics of CO2 emission and biochemical properties of a sandy calcareous soil amended with Conocarpus waste and biochar (Title in Chinese: 施用聚合果属废弃物与生物炭后砂质石灰性土壤二氧化碳排放及生物化学性质的动态). Pedosphere.  25(1): 46--56.  View Full Text

S. JOSEPH, H. M. ANAWAR, P. STORER, P. BLACKWELL, C. CHIA, Y. LIN, P. MUNROE, S. DONNE, J. HORVAT, J. L. WANG, Z. M. SOLAIMAN. 2015. Effects of enriched biochars containing magnetic iron nanoparticles on mycorrhizal colonisation, plant growth, nutrient uptake and soil quality improvement (Title in Chinese: 富含磁性铁纳米颗粒的生物炭对菌根侵染、植物生长、营养吸收及土壤质量改善的影响). Pedosphere.  25(5): 749--760. View Full Text

A. H. LONE, G. R. NAJAR, M. A. GANIE, J. A. SOFI, T. ALI. 2015. Biochar for sustainable soil health: A review of prospects and concerns (Title in Chinese: 生物炭对土壤可持续健康的影响:探索和热点综述). Pedosphere.  25(5): 639--653. View Full Text

P. BLACKWELL, S. JOSEPH, P. MUNROE, H. M. ANAWAR, P. STORER, R. J. GILKES, Z. M. SOLAIMAN. 2015. Influences of biochar and biochar-mineral complex on mycorrhizal colonisation and nutrition of wheat and sorghum (Title in Chinese: 生物炭及生物炭-矿物复合物对菌根侵染、小麦和高粱营养的影响). Pedosphere.  25(5): 686--695. View Full Text

N. M. JAAFAR, P. L. CLODE, L. K. ABBOTT. 2015. Soil microbial responses to biochars varying in particle size, surface and pore properties (Title in Chinese: 土壤微生物对不同粒径、不同表面和孔隙性质生物炭的响应). Pedosphere.  25(5): 770--780. View Full Text

C. N. KELLY, F. C. CALDERÓN, V. ACOSTA-MARTíNEZ, M. M. MIKHA, J. BENJAMIN, D. W. RUTHERFORD, C. E. ROSTAD. 2015. Switchgrass biochar effects on plant biomass and microbial dynamics in two soils from different regions (Title in Chinese: 柳枝稷生物炭对来自不同地区的两种土壤上植物生物量和微生物动态的影响). Pedosphere.  25(3): 329--342. View Full Text

I. GRISHKAN, JIA Rong-Liang, G. J. KIDRON, LI Xin-Rong. 2015. Cultivable microfungal communities inhabiting biological soil crusts in the Tengger Desert, China (Title in Chinese: 中国腾格里沙漠生物土壤结皮中的可培养微真菌群落). Pedosphere.  25(3): 351--363. View Full Text

WANG Jun, ZHANG Man-Yun, CHEN Ting, ZHU Ye, TENG Ying, LUO Yong-Ming, P. CHRISTIE. 2015. Isolation and identification of a di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate-degrading bacterium and its role in the bioremediation of a contaminated soil (Title in Chinese: (2-乙基己基)邻苯二甲酸酯降解菌的分离和鉴定及其在污染土壤生物修复中的作用). Pedosphere.  25(2): 202--211. View Full Text

WU Yu-Peng, ZHANG Yi, BI Yan-Meng, SUN Zhen-Jun. 2015. Biodiversity in saline and non-saline soils along the Bohai Sea coast, China (Title in Chinese: 中国渤海海岸盐碱土及非盐碱土中土壤生物多样性). Pedosphere.  25(2): 307--315. View Full Text

Y. C. SHI, N. ZIADI, A. J. MESSIGA, R. LALANDE, HU Zheng-Yi. 2015. Soil phosphorus fractions change in winter in a corn-soybean rotation with tillage and phosphorus fertilization (Title in Chinese: 玉米-大豆轮作中耕作方式和磷肥施用对土壤磷组分冬季变化特征的影响). Pedosphere.  25(1): 1--11. View Full Text

M. THEVENOT, S. DOUSSET. 2015. Compost effect on diuron retention and transport in structured vineyard soils (Title in Chinese: 施用堆肥对葡萄园土壤中敌草隆残留与迁移的影响). Pedosphere.  25(1): 25--36. View Full Text

WANG Peng, WANG Yin, SHU Bo, LIU Jin-Fa, XIA Ren-Xue. 2015. Relationships between arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and soil fertility factors in citrus orchards along an altitudinal gradient (Title in Chinese: 沿海拔梯度分布的柑橘园中土壤肥力因子与丛枝菌根共生体的关系). Pedosphere.  25(1): 160--168. View Full Text

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