Most Cited (TOP 10) Articles Published in 2014-2015

---From Web of Science (SCI)


1.     U. C. GUPTA, S. C. GUPTA. 2014. Sources and deficiency diseases of mineral nutrients in human health and nutrition: A review (Title in Chinese: 矿物养分来源与缺乏影响人体健康与营养的研究进展). PEDOSPHERE. 24(1): 13--38. View Full Text

2.     N. SERRANO-SILVA, Y. SARRIA-GUZMÁN, L. DENDOOVEN, M. LUNA-GUIDO. 2014. Methanogenesis and methanotrophy in soil: A review (Title in Chinese: 土壤甲烷生成及其营养的研究进展). PEDOSPHERE. 24(3): 291-307. View Full Text

3.     D. C. WEINDORF, N. BAKR, Y. ZHU, A. MCWHIRT, C. L. PING, G. MICHAELSON, C. NELSON, K. SHOOK, S. NUSS. 2014. Influence of ice on soil elemental characterization via portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (Title in Chinese:  利用便携式X-射线荧光光谱法研究冰块对土壤元素特性的影响). PEDOSPHERE. 24(1): 1--12. View Full Text

4.     ZHU Qiao-Hong, PENG Xin-Hua, HUANG Tai-Qing, XIE Zu-Bin, N. M. HOLDEN. 2014. Effect of biochar addition on maize growth and nitrogen use efficiency in acidic red soils (Title in Chinese: 添加生物炭对酸性红壤中玉米生长和氮素利用率的影响). PEDOSPHERE. 24(6): 699--708. View Full Text

5.     DENG Huan, WU Yi-Cheng, ZHANG Fan, HUANG Zong-Chuan, CHEN Zheng, XU Hui-Juan and ZHAO Feng. 2014. Factors affecting the performance of single-chamber soil microbial fuel cells for power generation (Title in Chinese: 单室结构土壤微生物燃料电池发电性能的影响因子研究). PEDOSPHERE. 24(3): 330-338. View Full Text

6.     JI Cheng-Jun, YANG Yuan-He, HAN Wen-Xuan, HE Yan-Fang, J. SMITH, P. SMITH. 2014. Climatic and edaphic controls on soil pH in alpine grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau, China: A quantitative analysis (Title in Chinese: 青藏高原高寒草地土壤pH值的大尺度格局及其与气候、土壤因子的关系). PEDOSPHERE. 24(1): 39--44. View Full Text

7.     WEI Zong-Qiang, WU Shao-Hua, ZHOU Sheng-Lu, LI Jing-Tao, ZHAO Qi-Guo. 2014. Soil organic carbon transformation and related properties in urban soil under impervious surfaces (Title in Chinese: 城郊土壤不透水表面有土壤机碳转化及其相关性质的研究). PEDOSPHERE. 24(1): 56--64. View Full Text

8.     M. EL-MAHROUKY, A. H. EL-NAGGAR, A. R. USMAN, M. Al-WABEL. 2015. Dynamics of CO2 emission and biochemical properties of a sandy calcareous soil amended with Conocarpus waste and biochar (Title in Chinese: 施用聚合果属废弃物与生物炭后砂质石灰性土壤二氧化碳排放及生物化学性质的动态). PEDOSPHERE. 25(1): 46--56. View Full Text

9.     ZHANG Nan, HE Xin, ZHANG Juan, W. RAZA, YANG Xing-Ming, RUAN Yun-Ze, SHEN Qi-Rong and HUANG Qi-Wei. 2014. Suppression of Fusarium wilt of banana with application of bio-organic fertilizers (Title in Chinese: 施用生物有机肥抑制香蕉镰刀菌萎蔫病的研究).  PEDOSPHERE. 24(5): 613-624. View Full Text

10.  JIANG Tao, WEI Shi-Qiang, D. C. FLANAGAN, LI Meng-Jie, LI Xue-Mei, WANG Qiang, LUO Chang. 2014. Effect of abiotic factors on the mercury reduction process by humic acids in aqueous systems (Title in Chinese: 溶液体系中非生物因素对胡敏酸还原汞的影响). PEDOSPHERE. 24(1): 125--136. View Full Text


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