Most Cited (TOP 10) Articles Published in 2012-2014

---From Web of Science (SCI)

1. Arrouays, D.; Marchant, B. P.; Saby, N. P. A.; Meersmans, J.; Orton, T. G.; Martin, M. P.; Bellamy, P. H.; Lark, R. M.; Kibblewhite, M. Generic issues on broad-scale soil monitoring schemes: A review. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(4): 456-469. View Full Text

2. Zornoza, R.; Faz, A.; Carmona, D. M.; Kabas, S.; Martinez-Martinez, S.; Acosta, J. A. Plant cover and soil biochemical properties in a mine tailing pond five years after application of marble wastes and organic amendments. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(1): 22-32. View Full Text

3. Zhang Wei-Hua; Wu Ying-Xin; Simonnot, M. O. Soil contamination due to e-waste disposal and recycling activities: A review with special focus on China. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(4): 434-455. View Full Text

4. Cabidoche, Y. M.; Lesueur-Jannoyer, M. Contamination of harvested organs in root crops grown on chlordecone-polluted soils. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(4): 562-571. View Full Text

5. Li Qiong; Guo Xue-Yan; Xu Xing-Hua; Zuo Yu-Bao; Wei Dong-Pu; Ma Yi-Bing. Phytoavailability of copper, zinc and cadmium in sewage sludge-amended calcareous soils. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(2): 254-262.  View Full Text

6. Nunes, J. S.; Araujo, A. S. F.; Nunes, L. A. P. L.; Lima, L. M.; Carneiro, R. F. V.; Salviano, A. A. C.; Tsai, S. M. Impact of land degradation on soil microbial biomass and activity in Northeast Brazil. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(1): 88-95. View Full Text

7. Tang Ye-Tao; Deng Teng-Hao-Bo; Wu Qi-Hang; Wang Shi-Zhong; Qiu Rong-Liang; Wei Ze-Bin; Guo Xiao-Fang; Wu Qi-Tang; Lei Mei; Chen Tong-Bin; Echevarria, G.; Sterckeman, T.; Simonnot, M. O.; Morel, J. L. Designing cropping systems for metal-contaminated sites: A review. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(4): 470-488. View Full Text

8. Dankoub, Z.; Ayoubi, S.; Khademi, H.; Lu Sheng-Gao. Spatial distribution of magnetic properties and selected heavy metals in calcareous soils as affected by land use in the Isfahan Region, Central Iran. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(1): 33-47. View Full Text

9. Waterlot, C.; Bidar, G.; Pelfrene, A.; Roussel, H.; Fourrier, H.; Douay, F. Contamination, fractionation and availability of metals in urban soils in the vicinity of former lead and zinc smelters, France. Pedosphere. 2013. 23(2): 143-159. View Full Text

10. Mashimbye, Z. E.; Cho, M. A.; Nell, J. P.; De Clercq, W. P.; Van Niekerk, A.; Turner, D. P. Model-based integrated methods for quantitative estimation of soil salinity from hyperspectral remote sensing data: A case study of selected South African soils. Pedosphere. 2012. 22(5): 640-649. View Full Text

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