Most Cited (TOP 10) Articles Published in 2011-2013
---From Web of Science (SCI)

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5.       Zied, D. C., Minhoni, T. A., Kopytowski-filho, J., Barbosa, L. and Andrade, C. N. 2011. Medicinal mushroom growth as affected by non-axenic casing soil. Pedosphere. 21(2): 146-153.

6.       Zhang, H. M., Yang, X. Y., He, X. H., Xu, M. G., Huang, S. M., Liu, H. and Wang, B. R. 2011. Effect of long-term potassium fertilization on crop yield and potassium effciency and balance under wheat-maize rotation in China. Pedosphere. 21(2): 154-163.

7.       Li, X. H., Zhang, Z. Y., Yang, J., Zhang, G. H. and Wang, B. 2011. Effects of Bahia grass cover and mulch on runoff and sediment yield of sloping red soil in southern China. Pedosphere. 21(2): 238-243.

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9.       Upadhyay, S. K., Singh, J. S. and Singh, D. P. 2011. Exopolysaccharide-producing plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria under salinity condition. Pedosphere. 21(2): 214-222.

10.  Mudhoo, A. and Garg, V. K. 2011. Sorption, transport and transformation of atrazine in soils, minerals and composts: A review. Pedosphere. 21(1): 11-25.

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