Pedosphere 33(1): 116--128, 2023
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Advancement of noble metallic nanoparticles in agriculture: A promising future
Paulami DAM1, Matthews L. PARET2, Rittick MONDAL1, and Amit Kumar MANDAL1,3
1 Chemical Biology Laboratory, Department of Sericulture, Raiganj University, North Dinajpur, West Bengal 733134(India)
2 University of Florida, Department of Plant Pathology, Quincy 32351(USA)
3 Centre for Nanotechnology Sciences, Raiganj University, North Dinajpur, West Bengal 733134(India)
      Since the last decades, nanotechnology has gained the attention of researchers in the field of plant sciences. The characteristics of nanoparticles are reliant on their shape and size. Formulations involving noble metallic nanoparticles (NMNPs) offer novel technologies to boost agricultural productivity and minimize conventional pesticide use. The application of nanoparticles as nanofertilizer improves plant growth and enhances nutrient uptake efficiency. Noble metallic nanoparticles act as antimicrobial agents against multidrug-resistant pathogens and provide protection to plants. Nanobiosensors and nanodevices are utilized in diverse agro-based areas such as plant disease diagnosis and nanoparticle-based material delivery. Several studies have focused on negative impacts such as toxicity and environmental threats posed by NMNPs. Understanding the effects of NMNPs on agriculture is critical for the assessment of their safety and the impending environmental risks to biodiversity and human health. Here, we summarize the advances of NMNPs towards revolutionizing modern agricultural applications and the recent trends in sustainable precision agriculture.
Key Words:  antimicrobial agents,multidrug-resistant pathogens,nanobiosensors,nanofertilizers,plant protection
Citation: Dam P, Paret M L, Mondal R, Mandal A K. 2023. Advancement of noble metallic nanoparticles in agriculture: A promising future. Pedosphere. 33(1): 116-128.
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