Pedosphere 33(1): 49--60, 2023
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Role of methylotrophic bacteria in managing abiotic stresses for enhancing agricultural production
Harshida GAMIT and Natarajan AMARESAN
C. G. Bhakta Institute of Biotechnology, Uka Tarsadia University, Maliba Campus, Bardoli, Surat 394 350(India)
      Abiotic stresses are a significant factor that considerably limits plant growth and productivity. Methylotrophs are an essential group of bacteria that utilize volatile carbon compounds, are prolific colonizers of different plant parts, and play a vital role in plant growth promotion (PGP) under stress conditions. Numerous rhizospheric and phyllosphere methylotrophs have been reported to exhibit PGP activities with superior stress-tolerating capacity against drought, heavy metal, salinity, high and low temperatures, solar ultraviolet radiation, and other harsh environmental conditions. Methylotrophs promote plant growth through N2 fixation, phosphate solubilization, production of phytohormones (i.e., auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins), 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC) deaminase activity, siderophore, ammonia production, and secondary metabolites. The production of these compounds by methylotrophs protects a plant against adverse environmental conditions and influences its productivity. This review discusses the role methylotrophs play in managing various abiotic stresses, how they help mitigate these stresses, and how they improve agricultural productivity
Key Words:  methylotroph,phytohormone,plant growth promotion attribute,reactive oxygen species,stress mitigation
Citation: Gamit H, Amaresan N. 2023. Role of methylotrophic bacteria in managing abiotic stresses for enhancing agricultural production. Pedosphere. 33(1): 49-60.
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