Pedosphere 30(4): 478--486, 2020
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Response of soil respiration to nitrogen addition in two subtropical forest types
Wende YAN1,2, Xiaoyong CHEN1,2,3, Yuanying PENG1,4, Fan ZHU1,2, Wei ZHEN1, Xuyuan ZHANG1
1College of Life Science and Technology, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha 410004(China)
2National Engineering Laboratory for Applied Forest Ecological Technology in Southern China, Changsha 410004(China)
3Division of Science, College of Arts and Sciences, Governors State University, University Park, Illinois 60484(USA)
4Natural Sciences Division, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137(USA)
      Anthropogenic activities have increased nitrogen (N) deposition in terrestrial ecosystems, which directly and indirectly affects soil biogeochemical processes, including soil respiration. However, the effects of the increases in N availability on soil respiration are not fully understood. In this study, soil respiration was measured using an infrared gas analyzer system with soil chambers under four N treatments (0, 5, 15, and 30 g N m-2 year-1 as control, low N (LN), moderate N (MN), and high N (HN), respectively) in camphor tree and slash pine forests in subtropical China. Results showed that soil respiration rates decreased by 37% in the camphor tree forest and 27% in the slash pine forest on average on an annual base, respectively, in the N-fertilized treatments when compared with the control. No significant differences were found in the soil respiration rate among the LN, MN, and HN treatments in both forest types as these fertilized plots reached an adequate N content zone. In addition, soil microbial biomass carbon (C) content and fine root biomass declined in N-treated plots compared to the control. Our results indicated that elevated N deposition might alter the tree growth pattern, C partitioning, and microbial activity, which further affect soil C sequestration by reducing soil respiration in subtropical forests of China.
Key Words:  camphor tree forest,fine root,slash pine forest,soil microbial biomass,soil moisture,soil temperature
Citation: Yan W D, Chen X Y, Peng Y Y, Zhu F, Zhen W, Zhang X Y. 2020. Response of soil respiration to nitrogen addition in two subtropical forest types. Pedosphere. 30(4): 478–486.
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