Pedosphere 28(1): 94--102, 2018
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Adsorption and Desorption of Cry1Ab Proteins on Differently Textured Paddy Soils
Soil Microbial Ecology, University of Bremen, 28359 Bremen (Germany)
      In recent years, selected cry genes from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) encoding the production of Cry proteins (Bt toxins) have been engineered into crop plants (Bt-crops). Through the cultivation of Bt crops and the application of Bt pesticides, Cry proteins could be introduced into arable soils. The interaction between the proteins and soils was analyzed in this study to investigate the affinity of Cry proteins in paddy soil ecosystems. Four Paddy soils were selected to represent different soil textures. Cry proteins were spiked in soils, and the amount of protein adsorbed was measured over 24 h. Desorption of Cry1Ab proteins from paddy soils was performed by washing with sterile Milli-Q water (H2OMQ), and subsequently extracted with an extraction buffer. The paddy soils had a strong affinity for Cry1Ab proteins. Most of the Cry1Ab proteins added (> 98%) were rapidly adsorbed on the paddy soils tested. More Cry1Ab proteins were adsorbed on non-sterile soils than on sterile soils. Less than 2% of the adsorbed Cry1Ab proteins were desorbed using H2OMQ, while a considerable proportion of the adsorbed proteins could be desorbed with the buffer, ranging from 20% to 40%. The amount of proteins desorbed increased with the increases in the initial amount of Cry1Ab proteins added to the paddy soils. The concentration of Cry1Ab proteins desorbed from the paddy soils was higher for sterile soils than non-sterile ones. Our results indicate that Bt toxins released via the cultivation of Bt crops, the application of Bt pesticides can be adsorbed on paddy soils, and soil texture could impose an impact on the adsorption capability.
Key Words:  affinity,Bt) toxin,extraction,protein solution,soil texture,sterile soil
Citation: Liu L, Knauth S, Eickhorst T. 2018. Adsorption and desorption of Cry1Ab proteins on differently textured paddy soils. Pedosphere. 28(1):94-102.
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