Pedosphere 27(6): 1083--1091, 2017
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Isolation and Characterization of Methanethiol-Producing Bacteria from Agricultural Soils
LIU Hui1, SHI Chengfei1, WU Ting1,2, JIA Qina1, ZHAO Juan1, WANG Xinming2
1College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu 241000 (China)
2State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640 (China)
      Methanethiol (MT) produced from terrestrial soils can have important effects on atmospheric chemistry and ecosystem-level processes, and it originates mainly from the metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids by microorganisms. Methanethiol producing bacteria (MPB) were enriched and isolated from agricultural soils in a modified basal medium containing methionine (Met) as the sole carbon source. The isolates were identified as Bacillus sp. WH-R1, WH-R2, and WH-R3; Arthrobacter sp. SZLB-W3; and Delftia sp. CHZG-R4 based on cell morphology, physiological and biochemical characteristics, and 16S rRNA sequence analysis. Delftia sp. CHZG-R4 was identified as a novel strain producing MT using Met as a precursor, and it had the most active MT-producing potential, with the production of MT being 21.8 μg at 30 ℃ and pH 7.0. Optimal MT production was observed at 35 ℃ and pH 6.0, with 51.3% of sulfur content in Met being converted into MT. Under these conditions, MT production changed according to the supply of both carbon and nitrogen sources. The addition of 2 g L-1 each of starch, sucrose, urea, and potassium nitrate promoted MT production by more than 10%, whereas addition of 2 g L-1 each of ammonia sulfate and peptone decreased MT production by 16% and 87%, respectively. This is the first study to report MT production by Delftia sp. CHZG-R4, providing useful information for the microbial mechanism of MT production from agricultural soils. Our findings also contribute to improving our knowledge of the function of Delftia sp. CHZG-R4.
Key Words:  Arthrobacter sp., Bacillus sp., carbon source, Delftia sp., methionine, nitrogen source, volatile organic sulfur compounds
Citation: Liu H, Shi C F, Wu T, Jia Q N, Zhao J, Wang X M. 2017. Isolation and characterization of methanethiol-producing bacteria from agricultural soils. Pedosphere. 27(6): 1083–1091.
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