Pedosphere 27(5): 846--855, 2017
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Effects of elevated co2 and drought on plant physiology, soil carbon and soil enzyme activities
WANG Yuhui1, YAN Denghua2, WANG Junfeng1, DING Yi1, SONG Xinshan1
1College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Donghua University, Shanghai 201620 (China)
2China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Beijing 100038 (China)
      Global climate models have indicated high probability of drought occurrences in the coming future decades due to the impacts of climate change caused by a mass release of CO2. Thus, climate change regarding elevated ambient CO2 and drought may consequently affect the growth of crops. In this study, plant physiology, soil carbon, and soil enzyme activities were measured to investigate the impacts of elevated CO2 and drought stress on a Stagnic Anthrosol planted with soybean (Glycine max). Treatments of two CO2 levels, three soil moisture levels, and two soil cover types were established. The results indicated that elevated CO2 and drought stress significantly affected plant physiology. The inhibition of plant physiology by drought stress was mediated via prompted photosynthesis and water use efficiency under elevated CO2 conditions. Elevated CO2 resulted in a longer retention time of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in soil, probably by improving the soil water effectiveness for organic decomposition and mineralization. Drought stress significantly decreased C:N ratio and microbial biomass carbon (MBC), but the interactive effects of drought stress and CO2 on them were not significant. Elevated CO2 induced an increase in invertase and catalase activities through stimulated plant root exudation. These results suggested that drought stress had significant negative impacts on plant physiology, soil carbon, and soil enzyme activities, whereas elevated CO2 and plant physiological feedbacks indirectly ameliorated these impacts.
Key Words:  catalase, drought stress, invertase, plant growth, plant-soil-microbe system, soil C:N ratio, water use efficiency
Citation: Wang, Y., Yan, D., Wang, J., Ding, Y. and Song, X. 2017. Effects of elevated co2 and drought on plant physiology, soil carbon and soil enzyme activities. Pedosphere. 27(5): 846-855.
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