Pedosphere 22(1): 48--57, 2012
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Optimizing nitrogen fertilizer application for rice production in the Taihu Lake region, China
DENG Mei-Hua1,3, SHI Xiao-Jun2, TIAN Yu-Hua1, YIN Bin1, ZHANG Shao-Lin1, ZHU Zhao-Liang1 and S. D. KIMURA3
1 State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing 210008 (China)
2 College of Resources and Environments, Southwest University, Chongqing 310047 (China)
3 United Graduate School of Agriculture Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo 1838509 (Japan)
      To determine the optimal amount of nitrogen (N) fertilizer for achieving a sustainable rice production at the Taihu Lake region of China,two-year on-farm field experiments were performed at four sites using various N application rates.The results showed that 22%-30% of the applied N was recovered in crop and 7%-31% in soils at the rates of 100-350 kg N ha-1.Nitrogen losses increased with N application rates,from 44% of the applied fertilizer N at the rate of 100 kg N ha-1 to 69% of the N applied at 350 kg N ha-1.Ammonia volatilization and apparent denitrification were the main pathways of N losses.The N application rate of 300 kg N ha-1,which is commonly used by local farmers in the study region,was found to lead to a significant reduction in economic and environmental efficiency.Considering the cost for mitigating environmental pollution and the maximum net economic income,an application rate of 100-150 kg N ha-1 would be recommended.This recommended N application rate could greatly reduce N loss from 199 kg N ha-1 occurring at the N application rate of 300 kg N ha-1 to 80-110 kg N ha-1,with the rice grain yield still reaching 7 300-8 300 kg DW ha-1 in the meantime.
Key Words:  economic efficiency, environmental efficiency, N application rate, N loss, rice grain yield
Citation: Deng, M. H., Shi, X. J., Tian, Y. H., Yin, B., Zhang, S. L., Zhu, Z. L. and Kimura, S. D. 2012. Optimizing nitrogen fertilizer application for rice production in the Taihu Lake region, China. Pedosphere. 22(1): 48-57.
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