Pedosphere 18(5): 599--610, 2008
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Effects of soil properties on phosphorus subsurface migration in sandy soils
ZHANG Ming-Kui
College of Natural Resource and Environmental Sciences, Zhejiang University, Huajiachi Campus, Hangzhou 310029 (China). E-mail:
      The soil factors influencing the potential migration of dissolved and particulate phosphorus (P) from structurally-weak sandy subsoils were evaluated by means of soil column leaching experiments. Soil colloids were extracted from two types of soils to make the colloid-bound forms of P solution. Eight sandy soils with diverse properties were collected for packing soil columns. The effects of influent solutions varying in concentrations of colloids, P, and electrolyte, on the transport of P and quality of leachates were characterized. P migration in the soils was soil property-dependent. High soil electrical conductivity values retarded the mobility of colloids and transportability of colloid-associated P (particulate P). Soil electrical conductivity was negatively correlated with colloids and reactive particulate P (RPP) concentrations in the leachates, whereas, the total reactive P (TRP) and dissolved reactive P (DRP) concentrations in the leachates were mainly controlled by the P adsorption capacity and the P levels in the subsoil. The reactive particulate P in the leachates was positively correlated with the colloidal concentration. Increased colloidal concentration in the influent could significantly increase the colloidal concentration in the leachates. Elevated P concentration in the influent had little effect on P recovery in the leachates, but it resulted in significant increases in the absolute P concentration in the leachates.
Key Words:  colloidal type, electrical conductivity, P adsorption capacity, P subsoil migration, sandy soil
Citation: Zhang, M. K. 2008. Effects of soil properties on phosphorus subsurface migration in sandy soils. Pedosphere. 18(5): 599-610.
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