Pedosphere 17(4): 538--544, 2007
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Relationship between water-stable aggregates and nutrients in black soils after reclamation
MA Qiang, YU Wan-Tai, ZHAO Shao-Hua and ZHANG Lu
Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016 (China). E-mail:
      Water-stable aggregates, which are an index for the evaluation of the structural properties of the soil, are affected by many factors. Zhaoguang Farm, Longzhen Farm, and Jiusan Farm were chosen as the representative study sites in the region of black soils, a typical soil resource in Northeast China. The variation in the content of >0.25 mm water-stable aggregates and its relationship with the nutrients in black soil were investigated after different years of reclamation. The results showed that the >0.25 mm water-stable aggregates were more in the surface than in the subsurface soil and they changed in the following order: Longzhen Farm > Zhaoguang Farm > Jiusan Farm. The water-stable aggregates decreased sharply at the initial stage of reclamation and then became stable gradually with time. They were significantly correlated with the contents of organic C, total N, total P, and CEC in black soil, with the correlation coefficientsτbeing 0.76, 0.68, 0.61, and 0.81 (P<0.01), respectively;however, their relationships with available P, available K, and total K were unclear. These showed that organic matter was the cementation of soil water-stable aggregates. Increasing decompositions and decreasing inputs of organic matter after reclamation were responsible for the amount of reduction of the water-stable aggregates. Thus, to maintain good soil aggregate structure, attention should be paid to improvement of soil nutrient status, especially the supply of organic C and N.
Key Words:  black soils, nutrients, reclamation, water-stable aggregates
Citation: Ma, Q., Yu, W. T., Zhao, S. H. and Zhang, L. 2007. Relationship between water-stable aggregates and nutrients in black soils after reclamation. Pedosphere. 17(4): 538-544.
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