Pedosphere 12(2): 121--130, 2002
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Two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing maize under different phosphorus regimes in a compartment cultivation system
CHEN Bao-Dong1, LI Xiao-Lin1 and P. CHRISTIE2
1 Department of Plant Nutrition, College of Agriculturul Resources and Environmental Sciences, ChinaAgricultural University, Beijing 100094 (China)
2 Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science, The Queen's University of Belfast, Newforge Lane Belfast, BT9 5PX (UK)
      A modified glass bead compartment cultivation system was used to compare some chemical and biolog-ical properties of the two arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi Glomus mosseae and Glomus versiforme usingmaize (Zea mays) as the host plant with four added levels of available phosphorus (P). The proportion of host plant root length infected was determined at harvest. Shoot and root yields and nutrient concentra-tions were determined, together with the nutrient concentrations in the AM fungal external mycelium. Themorphology of various mycorrhizal structures of the two AM fungi was also compared by microscopic obser-vation. Inoculation with G. mosseae gave higher plant yields than that with G. versghrme, and the two fungiresponded differently in infection rate to areilable phosphorus level. Root infection rate of mycorrhizal maizecolonized by G. mosseae decreased markedly with increasing P level, and there was very poor development of the extraradical mpcelium at the highest rate of P addition. In contrast, G. versiforme showed greater tolerance to increasing P level. Elemental analysis showed that phosphorus, copper and zinc concentrations in the external mycelium differed between the two fungi and were much higher than those in the host plant. Differences in the morphology of the two fungi were also observed.
Key Words:  arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, copper, maize, phosphorus, zinc
Citation: Chen, B. D., Li, X. L. and Christie, P. 2002. Two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing maize under different phosphorus regimes in a compartment cultivation system. Pedosphere. 12(2): 121-130.
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