Pedosphere 12(2): 103--110, 2002
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Uptake of organic phosphorus by arbuscular mycorrhizal red clover
SONG Yong-Chun1, LI Xiao-Lin1 and P. CHRISTIE2
1 Department of Plant Nutrition, College of Agricultural Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultuml University, Beijing 100094 (China)
2 Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science, The Queen's University of Belfast, Newforge Lane Belfast, BT9 5PX (LIK)
      The capacities of two arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, Glomus mosseae and Glomus versderme, tomineralize added organic P were studied in a sterilized calcareous soil. Mycorrhizal (inoculated with either of the AM fungi) and non-mycorrhizal red clover (Trghlium pmtense L.) plants were grown for eight weeksin pots with upper root, central hyphal and lower soil compartments. The hyphal and soil compartmentsreceived either organic P (as Na-phytate) or inorganic P (as KH2PO4) at tbe rate of 50 mg P kg-1. No P wasadded to the root compartments. Control pots received no added P. Yields were higher in mycorrhizal than innon-mycorrhizal clover. Mycorrhizal inoculation doubled shoot P concentration and more than doubled total P uptake of plaflts in P-amended soil, irrespective of the form of applied P. The mycorrhizal contributionto inorganic P uptake was 80% or 76% in plants inoculated with G. mosseae or G. verefforme, respectively. Corresponding values were 74% and 82% when Na-phytate was applied. In the root compartments of the mycorrhizal treatments, the proportion of root length infected, hyphal length density and phosphatase activity were all higher when organic P was applied than when inorganic P was added.
Key Words:  arbuscular pcorrhiza, organic P, P uptake, red clover
Citation: Song, Y. C., Li, X. L. and Christie, P. 2002. Uptake of organic phosphorus by arbuscular mycorrhizal red clover. Pedosphere. 12(2): 103-110.
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