Pedosphere 11(2): 189--192, 2001
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Published by Elsevier B.V. and Science Press
Kinetic equations for describing phosphorus transport
LÜ Jia-Long, ZHANG Yi-Ping and MA Zhi-Gang
Department of Resources and Environmental Science, Northwest Agricultural University, Yangling 712100 (China)
      Studies on kinetics of adsorption and release of phosphorus by soil, a new field in soil chemistry, began only over ten years ago (He et al., 1989; Wang and Zhu, 1988; Zhang and Zhang, 1991; Lin, 1989; Lin and Xue, 1989; Jiang, 1993; Xue et al., 1995; Lü et al., 1997). The stress of this field is laid on the speed at which a soil system reaches balance between adsorption and release of phosphorus. Being more close to the field condition and helpful to explain the mechanism of adsorption and release of the phosphorus by the soil, kinetic methods have attracted much attention of the researchers (Aharoni et al., 1991; Griffin and Jurinak, 1974). Different kinetic equations have been used to describe the characteristics of the adsorption and release of phosphorus by the soil (He et al., 1989; Wang and Zhu, 1988; Lü et al., 1997); however, until now which equations are better remains a point of debate. Phosphorus transport in soil is, in fact, a comprehensive process, which includes adsorption, fixation and release of phosphorus by the soil. This study aimed to determine equations useful for describing phosphorus transport process through fitting the phosphorus transport processes in four soils sampled from Shaanxi Province using 17 types of kinetics equations selected.
Key Words:  kinetic equations, phosphorus transport, simulation
Citation: LÜ Jia-Long, Zhang, Y. P. and Ma, Z. G. 2001. Kinetic equations for describing phosphorus transport. Pedosphere. 11(2): 189-192.
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