Pedosphere 11(2): 143--150, 2001
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Impact of some agronomic practices on paddy field soil health under varied ecological conditions: Ⅱ. Influence of soil temperature
A. SUBHANI, HUANG Chang-Yong, XIE Zheng-Miao, LIAO Min and A. M. ELGHAMRY
Natural Resources Science Department, College of Environmental and Resources Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310059 (China)
      A 21-d incubation experiment was conducted under controlled laboratory conditions to study the effects of elevated temperatures (10, 25, and 40 ℃) on some microbiological and biochemical properties in flooded paddy soil amended or unamended with urea at 100 μg N g-1 soil and/or insecticide (triazophos) at field rate (FR). Enhancements in temperature led to increase the electron transport system (ETS)/dehydrogenase activity and phospholipid contents of the soil, while soil organic matter phenol and protein contents decreased with increasing temperature with or without the addition of inputs. An increase of temperature from 10 ℃ to 25 or 40 ℃ enhanced the ETS activity 2 folds (on average for all soils), while the inclusion of N and insecticide increased and decreased it, respectively, compared to the control. The soil phenol and protein contents were highly correlated with temperatures (for all soils, r = -0.936 and -0.971, respectively) and the additions of N and insecticide produced slight reductions and enhancements in them, respectively. At a particular temperature, the soil protein contents remained unaffected among all the soil treatments. An overall slight increase in phospholipid contents with N and a small decline with insecticide addition were noticed against the untreated soil. The toxicity of fertilizer and insecticide decreased as the incubation temperature increased, suggesting faster degradation of agrochemicals with raising temperature.
Key Words:  electron transport system (ETS) activity, phenol, phospholipids, protein, temperature
Citation: Subhani, A., Huang, C. Y., Xie, Z. M., Liao, M. and Elghamry, A. M. 2001. Impact of some agronomic practices on paddy field soil health under varied ecological conditions: Ⅱ. Influence of soil temperature. Pedosphere. 11(2): 143-150.
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