Pedosphere 5(3): 221--227, 1995
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Published by Elsevier B.V. and Science Press
Effect of lime nitrogen on the transformation of urea in soils
HE Nian-Zi1, YU Shen1, YE Zhi-Qian3, OUYANG Hang3 and XIONG Jin-Shan3
1 Depariment of Land Science and APPlied Chemistry, Zhejtang Agricultural University, Hangzhou 310029 (China)
2 Institrte of Soil Science, Academia Sintica, Nanjing 210008 (China)
3 Juhua Group Gropration, Quzhou, Zhejiang 324004 (China)
      Laboratory incubation experiment was conducted to study the effect of lime nitrogen(LN) on transformation of urea-N in three paddy soils. The results showed that LN had an inhibitory effect on urease activity in these soils especially in the first 5 days, and that in the first 20 days of incubation, the amount of NH4+-N derived from urea was lower in the soil with LN than in the soil without LN. While after 30 days the amount of NH4+-N was higher in the mature haplic paddy soil developed on Quaternary red clay(MHPS) with LN than that in the soil without LN. The amount of NH3-N volatilized was decreased in the earlier stage and increased in the later stage of incubation in the MHPS by the addition of LN.
Key Words:  lime nitrogen, nitrification inhibitor, ureai urease activityi urease inhibitor
Citation: He, N. Z., Yu, S., Ye, Z. Q., Ouyang, H. and Xiong, J. S. 1995. Effect of lime nitrogen on the transformation of urea in soils. Pedosphere. 5(3): 221-227.
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