Pedosphere 3(4): 371--376, 1993
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Comparative Study on the Kinetic Equations of Potassium Release from Soils
Institute of Soil and Fertilizer, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 310021
      Elovicb, two-constant, parabolic diffusion, exponential, second-order, first-order and zero-order equations were used to describe the kinetic characteristics of potassium desorption from six paddy soils df Zhejiang Province in a constant electric field (44.4 V/ cm) of EUF. Results showed that the second-order and Elovich equations could describe the potassium desorption kinetics best, as evidenced by the highest correlation coefficients (r) and the lowest standard errors (SE). The first-order, two-constant and parabolic diffusion equations also described the K desorption kinetics well, as showed by the relatively high correlation coefficients and relatively low standard errors. The zero-order equation did not describe the K desorption satisfactorily with a relatively low correlation coefficient and relatively high standard error. However, the exponential equation could not be used to describe the K desorption kinetics, due to the lowest correlation coefficient and the highest standard error.
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Citation: Lu, X. N. and Lu, Y. F. 1993. Comparative Study on the Kinetic Equations of Potassium Release from Soils. Pedosphere. 3(4): 371-376.
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