Pedosphere 3(1): 81--88, 1993
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Age and Some Genetic Characteristics of Vertisols in China
      The ages of organic matter of some dark-colored horizons and calcareous concretions in some Vertisols from tropical,subtropical and warm-temperate zones of China were studied using radiocarbon dating method.The relationship between soil age and genesis of Vertisols was also expounded based on the study of their genetic characteristics and micromorphological features.The results show that although Vertisols have developed for a relatively long time,their weathering and soil forming process are weak and young with little horizonation.This is closely related to their special grochemical soil forming environment.Low-lying terrain,heavy texture,clay minerals dominated by montmorillonites and alternative drying-wetting climate give rise to the vertic features expressed in intense swelling-shrinking and cracking-closing in soils.As a result,the soil development and soil leaching process are resisted,and the climatic effect on the horizonation is impeded.Moreover,pedoturbation eliminates the horizonation in the upper part of soil profile,and postpones their evolution into zonal soils.So vertisols show certain pedogenic inertia and stay at relatively young developmental stage.Therefore,Vertisols are intrazonal soils dominated by local soil forming factors such as the relief and parent materials.
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Citation: . 1993. Age and Some Genetic Characteristics of Vertisols in China. Pedosphere. 3(1): 81-88.
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