Pedosphere 3(1): 23--33, 1993
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Zn Adsorption by Variable Charge Soils in Relation to pH
      Zn adsorption by pure oxides or in the presence of a high concentration of inner electrolyte has been extensively studied.But,in studies on Zn adsorption in the complicated soil system,especially in variable charge soils,profound knowledge about the absorption mechanism still lacks.In this paper,taking Zn ion adsorption by two typical variable charge soils as the object of the study,author discusses the relation between Zn adsorption and pH and possible adsorption mechanisms.The results showed that in the low pH range where the amount of Zn adsorbed did not exceed 50% of Zn added,the specific adsorption was the diminant mechanism.The species of Zn specifically adsorbed was free Zn^2 ion.In the middle and high pH ranges,the mechanisms of specific and electrostatic adsorptions co-existed,accounting for about 70% and 30%,respectively.Noteworthily,in the high pH range,the hydroxyl Zn ion (ZnOH^ ) from Zn^2 hydrolysis probably was a preferable species for specific absorption.
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Citation: . 1993. Zn Adsorption by Variable Charge Soils in Relation to pH. Pedosphere. 3(1): 23-33.
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