Pedosphere 2(3): 283--288, 1992
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Fractionation of Zinc in Paddy Soils of China
Institute of Soil Science, A cademia, Sinica, P. O. Box 821, Nanjing 210008
      The rice fields in China amount to 25.4 million hectares of which low yield paddy soils areabout 26%(Xu,1981;Xiao,1981).One of the most important causes of low yield is the defi-ciency in nutrients including zinc.Zinc deficiency usually occurs in calcareous paddy soils withpH>6.5(Zhu and Liu,1981).And the availability of zinc in calcareous paddy soils is lowerthan that in neutral and acid paddy soils.
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Citation: Han, F. X. and Zhu, Q. Q. 1992. Fractionation of Zinc in Paddy Soils of China. Pedosphere. 2(3): 283-288.
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