PEDOSPHERE期刊2021-2022高被引论文* (全球学术领域前1%  

ü  Haider F U, Coulter J A, Cai L Q, Hussain S, Cheema S A, Wu J, Zhang R Z. 2022. An overview on biochar production, its implications, and mechanisms of biochar-induced amelioration of soil and plant characteristics. Pedosphere. 32(1): 107–130.

ü  Kumawat K C, Nagpal S, Sharma P. 2022. Potential of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria-plant interactions in mitigating salt stress for sustainable agriculture:A review. Pedosphere32(2):223-245.

ü  Ma J F, Shen R F, Shao J F. 2021. Transport of cadmium from soil to grain in cereal crops: A review. Pedosphere. 31(1): 3-10.

ü  Wang X B, Li X Y, Yan X, Tu C, Yu Z G. 2021. Environmental risks for application of iron and steel slags in soils in China: A review. Pedosphere. 31(1): 28-42.

ü  Kour D, Rana K L, Kaur T, Yadav N, Yadav A N, Kumar M, Kumar V, Dhaliwal H S, Saxena A K. 2021. Biodiversity, current developments and potential biotechnological applications of phosphorus-solubilizing and -mobilizing microbes: A review. Pedosphere. 31(1): 43-75.

ü  Khalid M, Ur-Rahman S, Hassani D, Hayat K, Zhou P, Hui N. 2021. Advances in fungal-assisted phytoremediation of heavy metals: A review. Pedosphere. 31(3): 475-495.

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