Pedosphere 近年出版文章影响显著提高。根据Web of Science,以下为2021年出版即年最高被引Top10文章,其中Top1在当年已被引16次,Top10在当年已被引5次。

Top1 Environmental risks for application of iron and steel slags in soils in China: A review by Xiaobin WANG, Xiuying LI, Xiang YAN, Cheng TU and Zhaoguo YU (Published in Feb 2021; Available at PDF

Top2Transport of cadmium from soil to grain in cereal crops: A review by Jian Feng MA, Ren Fang SHEN and Ji Feng SHAO (Published in Feb 2021; Available at PDF

Top3Biodiversity, current developments and potential biotechnological applications of phosphorus-solubilizing and -mobilizing microbes: A review by Divjot KOUR, Kusam Lata RANA, Tanvir KAUR, Neelam YADAV, Ajar Nath YADAV, Manish KUMAR, Vinod KUMAR, Harcharan Singh DHALIWAL and Anil Kumar SAXENA  (Published in Feb 2021; Available at PDF

Top4Advances in fungal-assisted phytoremediation of heavy metals: A review by Muhammad KHALID, Saeed UR-RAHMAN, Danial HASSANI, Kashif HAYAT, Pei ZHOU and Nan HUI (Published in Apr 2021; Available at PDF

Top5A review of cadmium sorption mechanisms on soil mineral surfaces revealed from synchrotron-based X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy: Implications for soil remediation by Xinxin MO, Matthew G. SIEBECKER, Wenxian GOU, Ling LI and Wei LI (Published in Feb 2021; Available at PDF

Top6Strategies to mitigate the adverse effect of drought stress on crop plants-influences of soil bacteria: A review by Priyanka CHANDRA, Amoolya WUNNAVA, Pooja VERMA, Amaresh CHANDRA and Rakesh Kumar SHARMA (Published; Available at PDF

Top7Nutrient cycling and greenhouse gas emissions from soil amended with biochar-manure mixtures by Carlos M. ROMERO, Chunli LI, Jen OWENS, Gabriel O. RIBEIRO, Tim A. MCALLISTER, Erasmus OKINE and Xiying HAO (Published in Apr 2021; Available at PDF

Top8Adsorption of emerging sodium p-perfluorous nonenoxybenzene sulfonate (OBS) onto soils: Kinetics, isotherms and mechanisms by Wei WANG, Xue ZHANG, Yuhui ZHANG, Xin MI, Run WANG, Huilan SHI, Chunli LI, Ziwen DU and Youming QIAO (Published in Aug 2021; Available at PDF

Top9Effects of the nitrification inhibitor nitrapyrin and the plant growth regulator gibberellic acid on yield-scale nitrous oxide emission in maize fields under hot climatic conditions by Khadim DAWAR, Kamil SARDAR, Mohammad ZAMAN, Christoph MÜLLER, Alberto SANZ-COBENA, Aamir KHAN, Azam BORZOUEI and Ana Gabriela PÉREZ-CASTILLO (Published in Apr 2021; Available at PDF

Top10Soil phosphorus availability and rice phosphorus uptake in paddy fields under various agronomic practices by Bingshen JIANG, Jianlin SHEN, Minghong SUN, Yajun HU, Wenqian JIANG,  Juan WANG, Yong LI and Jinshui WU (Published in Feb 2021; Available at PDF   

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