庆祝2021年世界土壤日虚拟专刊Coping with Effect of Soil Salinization

1. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria-alleviators of abiotic stresses in soil: A review (Available at M Goswami and S Deka

2. Diversity and versatile functions of metallothioneins produced by plants: A review (Available at SAEED-UR-RAHMAN, Muhammad KHALID, Nan HUI, Sadaf-Ilyas KAYANI, Kexuan  TANG

3. Siderophore-Producing Rhizobacteria as a Promising Tool for Empowering Plants to Cope with Iron Limitation in Saline Soils: A Review (Available at M J Ferreira, H Silva, and A Cunha

4. Impacts of land use and salinization on soil inorganic and organic carbon in the middle-lower Yellow River Delta (Available at Yang GUO, Xiujun WANG, Xianglan LI, Minggang XU, Yuan LI, Haonan ZHENG, Yongming LUO and Pete SMITH

5. Sensitivity analysis of the SWAP (Soil-Water-Atmosphere-Plant) model under different nitrogen applications and root distributions in saline soils  (Available at  Guoqing LEI, Wenzhi ZENG, Yonghua JIANG, Chang AO, Jingwei WU and Jiesheng HUANG

6. Autochthonous halotolerant plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria promote bacoside A yield of Bacopa monnieri (L.) Nash and phytoextraction of salt-affected soil  (Available at  Umesh PANKAJ, Durgesh Narain SINGH, Pooja MISHRA, Pooja GAUR, C.S. Vivek BABU, Karuna SHANKER and Rajesh Kumar VERMA

7. Halophile plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria induce salt tolerance traits in wheat seedlings (Triticum aestivum L.)  (Available at  Maryam SAFDARIAN, Hossein ASKARI, Ghorbanali NEMATZADEH and Adriano SOFO

8. Short-term effects of biochar and gypsum on soil hydraulic properties and sodicity in a saline-alkali soil (Available at  Yue ZHANG, Jingsong YANG, Rongjiang YAO, Xiangping WANG and Wenping XIE

9.  Information extraction and dynamic evaluation of soil salinization with a remote sensing method in a typical county on the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain of China (Available at  Xiaoguang ZHANG, Biao HUANG and Feng LIU

10. Soil aggregation and aggregate-associated organic carbon under typical natural halophyte communities in arid saline areas of Northwest China  (Available at  Zhibo CHENG, Jingya Wang, William J. GALE, Haichang YANG and Fenghua ZHANG

11.  Combined application of a straw layer and flue gas desulphurization gypsum to reduce soil salinity and alkalinity (Available at Yonggan Zhao, Yan Li, Shujuan Wang, Jin WANG and Lizhen XU

12.  Water, Salt and Heat Influences on Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Seasonally Frozen Soils in Hetao Irrigation District, Inner Mongolia, China (Available at  Mousong WU,  Jiesheng HUANG, Xiao TAN and Jingwei WU

13.  Accumulation and Output of Heavy Metals by the Invasive Plant Spartina alterniflora in a Coastal Salt Marsh (Available at Lian CHEN, Jianhua GAO, Qingguang ZHU, Yaping WANG and Yang YANG

14. Extracts from Marine Macroalgae and Opuntia ficus-indica Cladodes Enhance Halotolerance and Enzymatic Potential of Diazotrophic Rhizobacteria and Their Impact on Wheat Germination Under Salt Stress (Available at  Abdelwahab RAI, Ameur CHERIF, Cristina CRUZ, Elhafid NABTI

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