Pedosphere 29(1): 60--69, 2019
ISSN 1002-0160/CN 32-1315/P
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Potential Use of a Poultry Manure Digestate as a Biofertiliser: Evaluation of Soil Properties and Lactuca sativa Growth
Natalia MÓRTOLA1, Romina ROMANIUK1, Vanina COSENTINO1, Maximiliano EIZA1, Patricia CARFAGNO1, Pedro RIZZO2, Patricia BRES2, Nicolás RIERA2, Marcos ROBA3, Mariano BUTTI3, Daiana SAINZ1, Lucrecia BRUTTI1
1Soil Institute, National Institute of Agricultural Technology(INTA), Hurlingham, Buenos Aires 1686(Argentina);
2Institute of Zoology and Agricultural Microbiology, National Institute of Agricultural Technology(INTA), Hurlingham, Buenos Aires 1686(Argentina);
3Rural Engineering Institute, National Institute of Agricultural Technology(INTA), Hurlingham, Buenos Aires 1686(Argentina)
Corresponding Author:Natalia MÓRTOLA
      Anaerobic digestion is a process that is widely used for the treatment of organic wastes. The digestate can be used as a soil amendment or crop fertiliser. The aims of our work were to evaluate 1) the physicochemical composition and pathogen content in a digestate from poultry manure, according to international regulations, and 2) the effect of its soil application on the major chemical and biological soil properties and on the growth of Lactuca sativa. The experiment consisted of two groups of pots (with and without crop). Treatments applied to each group were as follows:low and high doses of digestate and inorganic fertiliser, and no application (control) (low dose:70 kg nitrogen (N) ha-1 and 21 kg phosphorus (P) ha-1; high dose:210 kg N ha-1 and 63 kg P ha-1). Soil samples were taken 7 and 34 d (harvest) after treatment applications. Heavy metal and pathogen contents in the digestate were below the upper limit values. Despite the high pH and electrical conductivity values of the digestate, both soil parameters presented acceptable values for crop growth. Although there were no initial increases in total inorganic N and available P in soil with digestate application, an increase in the fresh weight of crop was observed with the high dose application. This is probably associated with the slow nutrient release from the digestate during the development of the crop. Changes in the microbial community were temporary and occurred at the initial sampling stage of the experiment.
Key Words:  anaerobic digestion,crop yield,organic fertiliser,organic waste,soil amendment,soil chemical properties,soil microbiological properties
Citation: Mórtola N, Romaniuk R, Cosentino V, Eiza M, Carfagno P, Rizzo P, Bres P, Riera N, Roba M, Butti M, Sainz D, Brutti L. 2019. Potential use of a poultry manure digestate as a biofertiliser:Evaluation of soil properties and Lactuca sativa growth. Pedosphere. 29(1):60-69.
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